Apple and Google Own Congress So Don't Hold Your Breath

Submitted by kyhh on Wed, 08/19/2020 - 20:17

It turns out that Epic had been preparing for its bluff to be called. The company reacted by immediately filing separate antitrust lawsuits against Apple and Google. This was accompanied by an aggressive publicity campaign, in which Apple was derided in a video titled “Nineteen Eighteen-Fortnite” (a parody of Apple’s own “1984” advertising campaign against IBM) and Google was taken to task for its past motto of “Don’t be evil.” 


Epic’s strategy is obvious: channel resentment toward Silicon Valley among the public and on Capitol Hill into a cause célèbre and force Apple and Google to back down. Given the recent tech CEO grilling by Congress, the mood in the air seems to favor the game developer. 

Uh, if Congress wanted to do something about Apple or Google, what exactly has been stopping them for the last 30 years? Oh, that's right, huge checks written by Apple and Google to politician's campaign funds. 


My son says he doesn't really play Fortnight much anymore. Apparently they've made changes to the game he is too happy with, but if they're making $3 million a month (minus the Apple tax) they must still have quite a few customers.

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