Mogadishu Matt - Where The Navy Dropped The Ball On Prostitution

Submitted by kyhh on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 14:09

 The vast majority of these men are expected to abbreviate their lives. These men that are virile. They have a healthy appetite for the good things in life. Many even desire this within the frame of a relationship. But this is damn near impossible in the military and even harder when you are in certain places overseas. (It is especially hard for the religious observers that want to be chaste and pure, waiting for the mother of their children). They want to have sex and enjoy it. I used to deal with a decent amount of military induced stress by “screwing like a rabid weasel”. It was a fun recreational activity. Many men felt the same way I felt. And in our words; “p*ssy” made the weekend.

"They want to have sex and enjoy it."

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So, frontlines servicemen are expected to become monks for the duration of their tours? That seems impossibly naive, but even more frankly, it seems stupid. 

I work in healthcare, not in direct care, but the work I do has direct effect on what happens at the bedside. Happily, most days are not life and death decisions, though some days are me having to argue against obviously risky or potentially risky decisions. It can be stressful,  but not active combat stressful. I find it helpful have sex 4-5 times a week, to keep me from getting too wound up. Expecting men actually doing frontlines fighting to not want a beer and blowjob when they knock-off for a bit is bullshit.